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Plaque mounted and laminated* 24"x 36" Buffalo Bar Chips Poster-204 Bars

Plaque mounted and laminated* 24"x 36" Buffalo Bar Chips Poster-204 Bars


*Your print is mounted onto black 3/8" MDF (medium-density fiberboard/engineered wood) pressed wood, then protected by a non-glare laminate.  Plaque mounting is a more affordable alternative to framing.  The poster is permanently protected from fading and scratches.  They come slotted on the back and ready to hang.  NO FRAMING REQUIRED!


204 Drink Chips from the following bars:

33 Speakeasy Grill (Cheektowaga)

42 North Brewing Company (E. Aurora)

99 Brick Oven Bar & Grille (Lancaster)

Adolf’s Old First Ward Tavern (Buffalo)

The Alibi Bar & Grill (Hamburg)

Angry Buffalo @ The Rose Garden (Lancaster)

Attitudes (Lockport)

Audubon North (Amherst)

Avenue Pub (Buffalo)

Bada Bing (Buffalo)

Bar-Bill Tavern (E. Aurora)

Barry’s Bar & Grill (Buffalo)

Bases Loaded (Hamburg)

Betty’s (N. Tonawanda)

Big Tree Inn (Orchard Park)

Bimber’s Delwood (Kenmore)

Black Water Tavern & Tap (Alden)

Blackthorn (Buffalo)

Blue Bull Tavern (Amherst)

Bogie’s Bar (Amherst)

Brauers (Pendleton)

Brick Oven Bistro (Buffalo)

Broadway Hotel (N. Tonawanda)

Buffalo Brewpub (Williamsville)

The Buffalo Irish Center (Buffalo)

Buffalo Roadhouse Grill (Tonawanda)

Buffalo Sports Garden (Orchard Park)

Buffalo Tap Room & Grill (Tonawanda)

Buffalo’s Best Grill (Orchard Park)

Cabana Sam’s Sunset Bay Grill

Cammarata’s Restaurant (Lockport)

Can You Digg It (Buffalo)

Canal Club 62 (N. Tonawanda)

Caputi’s (Tonawanda)

Castaway’s Waterfront Bar & Grill (Evans)

Cathode Ray (Buffalo)

Champions Sports Bar and Grill (Amherst)

Charlie’s Boat Yard (Buffalo)

Clinton Lounge (Buffalo)

Club 861 (Kenmore)

Coggins Pub (Hamburg)

Conlon’s Bar & Grill (Buffalo)

Cook’s Bar and Grill (Buffalo)

The Cornerstone Bar & Grill (Clarence)

Couzin’s (Boston)

The Cove - Seafood & Banquets (Lancaster)

Covey’s Cove (Newfane)

Crazy Jakes (N. Tonawanda)

Crickett Tavern (N. Tonawanda)

CW’s 19th Hole Bar & Grill (Lockport)

D-Tour Martini Bar (Buffalo)

Dalmatia Hotel (Buffalo)

Daly’s Bar (Buffalo)

Danny’s (Cheektowaga/Orchard Park)

Davison Road Inn (Lockport)

Del Denby’s (Buffalo)

Devlin’s Deuce (Tonawanda)

Diamond Bar & Grill (Lockport)

Doc Sullivan’s (Buffalo)

Dockside (N. Tonawanda)

Dome Stadium (City of Tonawanda)

The Draft Room (Buffalo)

Dwyer’s Irish Pub (N. Tonawanda)

Eldredge Bicycle Club (City of Tonawanda)

Electric Avenue Cafe (Buffalo)

Elmo’s (Amherst)

Ennis’ West End Tavern (Lockport)

Fachko’s Grill (Buffalo)

The Filler (Akron)

Fire Pit Open Air Bar (Newfane)

Firehouse Sports Bar & Grill (W. Seneca)

The Firehouse Tavern (Wilson)

Flattery’s (W. Seneca)

Flying Bison Brewing Company (Buffalo)

Gabels (Buffalo, Hertel)

Gene McCarthy’s (Buffalo)

GFY Bar and Grill (Tonawanda)

Good Tymes South (Depew)

Gordy’s Inn (Cheektowaga)

Gordy’s Inn Too (W. Seneca)

Green Buffalo Pub (Lancaster)

Griffin’s Irish Pub (Buffalo)

Griffin Gastropub (Clarence)

Groffs Tavern (Lockport)

Hat Trix (Hamburg)

Hilltop Inn & Grove (Alden)

Hopper’s Rush Inn (Buffalo)

Ice House Pub (Lackawanna)

Isle View (City of Tonawanda)

Jack Devine’s Irish Pub (Hamburg)

Jades (Depew)

Jake’s Grill (City of Tonawanda)

Jean’s Bar & Grill (Wilson)

Jokers Bar (Lackawanna)

Jolly Jug (Amherst)

Jordan’s Ale House (Buffalo)

Josie’s Place (Lockport)

Jovial Bar II Inc (Evans)

Kelly’s Korner (Buffalo)

Kettles (Orchard Park)

Kodiak Jack’s (Marilla)

Labatt Brew House (Buffalo)

Lenox Grill (Buffalo)

Libation Station (Williamsville)

Limerick’s Pub (Hamburg)

Local Grille at the Dome (Clarence)

Local Kitchen and Beer Bar (Buffalo)

Lock 34 Bar and Grill (Lockport)

Lockhouse Distillery & Bar (Buffalo)

Mac’s (Buffalo)

Madigan’s (Ellicottville)

Magruders (Depew)

Mammoser’s Tavern & Restaurant (Hamburg)

Marinaro’s Larkin Tavern (Buffalo)

Marvin’s Bar and Grill (Clarence)

Mason’s Grille 52 (Hamburg)

McPartlan’s Corner (Cheektowaga)

Michael’s Town Shanty (Cheektowaga)

Mo’s Place (Buffalo)

Molly Maguire’s (Buffalo)

Mooney’s (W. Seneca)

Mr. Quiggley’s Dead Dog Saloon (Lockport)

Murph’s Warsaw Grill (Lackawanna)

Murphy Brown’s Craft Beer Emporium (Clarence)

Murray’s Tavern (Buffalo)

My Tomato Pie (Amherst)

Neighbors (Cheektowaga)

New York Beer Project (Lockport)

Newfane Manor (Newfane)

Nickel Creek Cafe (W. Seneca)

Nietzsche’s (Buffalo)

Nite Cappe Steak and Seafood Restaurant (Lackawanna)

Nowak’s Tavern (Cheektowaga)

Nye Park Tavern (Buffalo)

Odie’s Pharmacy Bar (City of Tonawanda)

The Office (Concord)

O’Neill’s Stadium Inn (Orchard Park)

Overtime Sports Bar & Grill (Cheektowaga)

Page’s Grille & Bar (Lancaster)

Park Lounge (Buffalo)

Partners Tavern (N. Tonawanda)

Paulette’s Blue Collar Inn (Evans)

Penalty Box (Lockport)

Pine Lounge (Bennington/Wyoming County)

Pizza Glen (Colden)

Pocketeer Billiards and Sports Bar (Cheektowaga)

Pot-O-Gold (Lockport)

Potter’s Field Restaurant & Pub (W. Seneca)

Pour House (Hamburg)

Pyramid Lounge (Hamburg)

Q (Buffalo)

R Bar & Grill (Cheektowaga)

Raintree (Tonawanda)

Resurgence Brewing Company (Buffalo)

Riley’s (W. Seneca)

River Grill (Tonawanda)

Rock Kitchen & Bar (Clarence)

Rooftops Bar & Grill (Buffalo)

Rookies Sports Bar and Grill (E. Aurora)

Rosemellia’s Burt Hotel (Newfane)

Sal’s (Depew)

San-Dee’s Pub (Grand Island)

Sawyer Creek Hotel (Wheatfield)

Say Cheese Pizza Company & The Comic Book Cafe (Grand Island)

SC Lounge (W. Seneca)

Schabadoo’s (City of Tonawanda)

Schupper House (Buffalo)

Scooter’s Place (Pendleton)

Scruples (Newfane)

Ship N’ Shore (Pendleton)

Shores Waterfront Restaurant (N. Tonawanda)

Short Street Patio Bar (Lockport)

Ski Lodge (Lockport)

Skoob’s Village Grille (Lancaster)

Slick Willie’s Sports Bar (Tonawanda)

Smokey’s Tavern (Buffalo)

Sneaker’s (Hamburg)

Sorrentino’s (Williamsville)

Southside Social & Athletic Club (Buffalo)

Sportsmens (Buffalo)

Stamps Bar (City of Tonawanda)

Steel City Pub (Lackawanna)

Stockman’s Tavern (Amherst)

Stroh’s Tavern (Evans)

Sunset Bay Beach Club (Irving)

Swannie House (Buffalo)

Talty’s Tavern (Buffalo)

Tavern at Windsor Park (Amherst)

Time Out Sports Bar & Grill (Newfane)

Towne House (Hamburg)

Transit Music Lounge (Lancaster)

Tudor Lounge (Buffalo)

Turtle Joes Sandbar (Evans)

Twilight Grill (Buffalo)

The Village Inn (N. Tonawanda)

Vinny’s (W. Seneca)

Wagner’s (Lockport)

Wales Center Hotel (Wales)

Wallenwein’s Hotel (E. Aurora)

The Wellington Pub (Buffalo)

Wilson Boat House (Wilson)

Wilson House Restaurant and Inn (Wilson)

Witter’s Sports Bar (N. Tonawanda)

Wolcottsville Inn (Royalton)


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