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Buffalo Bar Chips has its roots dating to early 2017.  I was seated at a bar (no surprise there) when a friend bought me a “backup” drink.  The bartender placed a drink chip, this one resembling a poker chip, in front of me. I was so impressed with the quality of this chip, and others I had seen in the past, that I began discussing the idea of collecting drink chips and framing them.  This was the origin of “Chippin’” (as we called it). Once or twice a week we would go to random bars in the Buffalo area in search of more drink chips.

After months of Chippin’ I began to document the growing number of bars by creating a personal Chip Map on Google Maps to organize our excursions.  Not only was the map a record of where we had been but it was also useful in locating bars in a particular area. Once we had been to a certain bar, I would update the map as to whether the bar had a drink chip or not.  If the bar had a drink chip, a green beer icon was placed on that location and the chip image was uploaded to the map to view the chip being used at that particular bar. If the bar didn’t have drink chips, a red icon was placed on that location.  Yellow icons were used to show bars that we had not yet visited. I eventually created a frame of 72 drink chips and after showing it to a friend, he suggested that I make a poster. Knowing that Buffalonians love their local bars and Buffalo themed items, I thought this was a great idea and was one I had never seen nor heard of.

To facilitate the sale of posters and to encourage others to go Chippin’, a website was created.  For those who may want to start their own collection, or just experience the fun that we have had while Chippin’, the website has a Chip Map which is the most comprehensive map of bars in the Buffalo region that I have ever seen.  This map will help save you time and money by showing those bars that have drink chips if that is what you are seeking. It goes without saying that there are many bars that are worth visiting that don’t have drink chips.

Chippin’ has been an incredible personal experience but we also hope to promote Buffalo and Buffalo area bars as well.  We have had the good fortune of meeting many people from around the Buffalo area and beyond and look forward to meeting more on our future excursions.  We have all lived in the Buffalo area our entire lives and yet we are surprised at how much we would not have seen had we not started Chippin’. We have certainly found a new and exciting passion for Buffalo!  With this, we hope to encourage others to do the same. If nothing else, perhaps the poster will have some meaning to you by bringing back fond memories based on your past experiences at Buffalo area bars. Keep in mind, this poster could also serve as a special gift for those Buffalonians who have moved from this great city to other areas.

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