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Welcome to Buffalo Bar Chips!!! 

We are your one stop shop for all there is to know about Western New York's great drinking establishments.  Please click on the any of the links above to learn about our website.  The "ABOUT" and "F.A.Q." sections describe what Buffalo Bar Chips is all about.  The "CHIP MAP" will take you to an interactive map that you can research different bars and links to those bars.  You can also check out the "PHOTO GALLERY" for great pictures of some of our products.  And speaking of products, don't forget to check out the "SHOP" section to purchase some of our great products!!!  Below are bar chips that have been collected over the years.  The collection is constantly growing, so check back often.  Click on the heart icon when you hover over the images below to vote for your favorite bar chips.  Email us at if you know of a bar with drink chips that is not represented below.  We are always looking for new bars, because, well, we like to drink.  Honesty is the best policy.

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